Floral Friday – Jan 12th

Surrounded by loved ones

A floral shaped soul

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From One Point To Another

What begins at a point

Will surely ends at another

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One Word Sunday – Orange

Two totally different snaps. One common color.

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Floral Friday – Oct 13th

Stay true to yourself!

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One Word Sunday – Pink

Pink, a color associated with delicacy and beauty.

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hour

Just few weeks ago, I made a perfect day for myself one afternoon!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Two Of Anything

Two balance the equation perfectly as one is just lonely without the other one.

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Prisma Tuesday – May 30th

Few little wishes, not big ones

Flowers should bloom, forever and ever

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Floral Friday – May 26th

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Spring

My mind was totally blown away from what I was seeing!

A garden filled with nothing but flowers of so many colors and shapes. I very much felt like this all is a big beautiful dream but it was nothing but reality.

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