November Squaring – Flying Around

That’s really quite close!

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Weekend Sky #75 – Oct 15th

Towering above the world so high

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You Can’t Fly But We Can

Yeah, they have a point!

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A Ladder To Get Back To You

In such times of trouble

Another one popped

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Weekend Sky #38 – Aug 21st

Soaring high again!

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Weekend Sky #34 – July 10th

A perfectly timed crowning moment!

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No More Flying

An old paper plane

Down on the road

Dusty and battered

The flying days

Were long gone

What happened

To the dreams

And those desires

Which it carried

On its tiny wings

And took off

Beyond the boundaries

Of life’s normality


CFFC Wednesday – Birds To Me

They fly up in the sky!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – About Tomorrow

 Flying away

At a day’s end

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Flying Away

If there’s a way

We could fly away

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