WWE Wednesday – Dec 30th

A look back at old waters!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Nightly Views

A night holds more than just darkness!

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Through Your Eyes!

Life of full of little joys. Keep on adding them up and have yourself a big bundle.

Like this one from Nicole Martin.

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Mix Plate #13

Okay, now it’s been a hat-trick here once again. I was thinking about doing this post earlier this week but because of so much “other” work, I was unable to.

But that didn’t put me away in doing what I love to do. Serving specials to my dear friends!

Without further ado, enjoy today’s favorites along with your weekend!

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Post I Like: Bethesda Terrace And Fountain

There are many things in our life which seem so ordinary. We see them everyday and there is nothing new about it. But when sometime, they open up to us like never before and that’s when we realize what beauty they really hold.

image courtesy of Reymon de Real

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