Hold On To Dreams And Fantasies

Life is real for sure

Burdened with ups and downs

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B&W Photo Challenge – Flying Away

A moment high above

Right next to nothing

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FOTD Tuesday – May 21st

The escape!

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Floral Friday – Feb 8th

How much deep

One should go

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Just To Be Free

Like a cloud on a clear blue sky

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Poor Boy’s Dream

spinning top

Real all so highly seem

But it may just not

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Fun Foto Challenge – Busy-ness

Got a minute or two?

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Fun Foto Challenge – Easy And Free

Don’t you wanna….

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A Beacon For The Poor

We all spend our lifetimes in making our lives. To some extent, we change lives of others too along the way but mostly, we focus on our own.

But there are many individuals out there who not only give their whole lives to others, just for the betterment of society and to bring hope and light in the lives of those, who are behind the rest.

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8 Surefire Ways You Can Travel For Free As a Student

Summer holidays means so much for everyone. Especially for students who look forward to it with much enthusiasm. Landing a nice summer job is a dream for many of them but because of this, they don’t get the chance to travel and explore the world.

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