Friday Oddball – Taller Finally

Not literally though!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Sunny Is Funny

It’s also my source of power!

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To Say That

In those moments

When heart is

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Be Careful While Being Cheeky

Standing out from the crowd is good.

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My 10 Wild Reasons Behind Number 1337

​Does anyone have any info about this number?


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Top 10 Movie Blanks

Go ahead and fill these top 10 movie quotes with your interpretation:

  • Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a ______.
  • I’m gonna make him ____ he can’t refuse.
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A Fish, A Penguin And An Apple

Can we draw a relationship between a fish, a penguin and an apple?

I think we can!
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Post I Like: Serious Motorbike Humor

Have some motorized Friday laughs before you start up your weekend.

Serious Motorbike Humour!!! – Serious Motorbike Humor

Old Is ……

Beside being gold, today I realized that old can also be the following:

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Chit Chat

So you thought whenever “you need a break”, all you have to do is take that mouth-water chocolate covered crispy wafer bar out from your bag or purse and your day will be alright? Continue reading