A German Becoming A Pakistani

Few years ago, it was hard to imagine that a foreigner would dare to even step inside Pakistan, all because of violence and terrorism in the my beloved country. That era was definitely a dark one in our history and wiping it off wasn’t so easy.

image courtesy of @KoblerinPAK

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Wouldn’t That Be Beautiful

So much happening in our world today. Good and bad. Big and small. Though we may not feel the effects of what’s happening in some other part of the world, we can’t deny the one universal fact: we living on this planet are all humans.

image courtesy of Erika Kind

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Guest Post: A Brief Intro To Berlin

It’s a real unique experience when two bloggers join their hands to do a blogging series on a city they both love.

ALLYSSE RIORDAN of BESTE GLATISANT and Marysmirror of BRIGHTPIGMENTS PHOTOGRAPHY recently joined hands together to have the most unique, or as I would like to call it, an out-of-this world tour of Berlin.

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