Post I Like – I Paint Her

The many shades of womanhood!

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Re-posting: He and She – Diary of 1995

Summer means a lot!

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Eyes Softly Shut – Night Version

My very first post that received a double figures of likes was Eyes Softly Shut.

I wrote it up after watching a panaflex board of a beauty salon featuring a girl with her eyes closed. Her closed eyes reminded me of an old Pakistani song about speaking eyes.

Then one day, I translated the lyrics of that song in English and took a photo of the board also. And so Eyes Softly Shut was created and published. I received many likes and views on it, which was great. Then I took another photo of that same board during night but didn’t shared it. Continue reading


He and She – Diary of 1995

Carrying too many books at a time is always a bad idea. She found that out in an instant as the books she picked were on the floor now. Luckily, the old store owner didn’t heard crashing sound of his beloved books hitting hard on the floor. May be his hearing aid batteries need replacement, she thought about the old man.


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