B&W Photo Challenge – Glass’s Bottom

Looking at a glass’s bottom!

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Floral Friday – Jan 26th

The glass is important

It’s size is not

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B&W Photo Challenge – Letters U Or V

It took me a while to think about what to show you that begins with letter U and V. These were the toughest one for me in the series but I finally came up with something.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Glass

Glass, so strange you are!

You show so much but seldom allow us to feel it.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Glass

Humans and glass are same, aren’t they?

Both of them appear so clean sometime, not scratches or marks. Both of them breaks apart so easily and are so difficult to piece up together.

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Shattered Pieces

How many glasses you have broken?

broken glass.jpg

Throwing rocks on the windows around your neighborhood, just to piss off someone or you were pissed off yourself.

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