Along The Way

I don’t know

What lies ahead

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A Little Monday Rant

Ranting isn’t my thing, honestly!

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Handful Moments

Picking out few moments

When one can bask in

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – I Look For

I hope for the good

And watch out for bad

A simple motto of mine

I adopted so long ago

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What Falls Upon

Strikes right into us

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Oldie Twisted

I spotted this old sea snail shell on beach and picked it up.

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Floral Friday – May 25th

What once was, is nothing but memory now!

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To Let It All Out

What I hold within

May fill the world

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Simply Surrealistic

The unknown is still out there!

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Post I Like – Tell Me Something Good

I follow a personal motto: If you can’t perform a good act, this doesn’t qualify you for acting badly.

image courtesy of

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