Wordless Wednesday – A Bright Blessed Day

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B&W Photo Challenge – Letters G Or H

And we are back to the alphabetical black and white photo challenge by Cee Neuner.

This week’s letters are G or H.

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A Food Local

For me, local is all about having a great family time. And a great family time can’t be complete without some tasty meal on the table.

If you are inviting a large number of people in your home for dinner, you need something big!


This is my kitchen and that giant pot can cook up to 10kg of Daleem

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The Hexagonal Night

I took many daylight pictures of these cemented grills in my home but this is the very first picture I took during at night.


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Two Hot To Handle

This Hot:


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A Barbecue Hat-trick

This year, record has been broken by my family. At this point, let me clarify that none of your own personal record (or records, if you have any) have been kicked out from the #1 spot. If you own any records, then I hope they are still intact. Continue reading