Floral Friday – April 28th

Sort of reverse bokeh this is!

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Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday

Some moments, long or short, from our past stays with us, for as long as we live.

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Cellpic Sunday – Today’s Special

Two highlights from today!

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Silent Sunday – Little Ones

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Ready To Fish, By The Rocks

Looking for a good catch!

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A Special Brand New Bright

This one is really really special!

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One Word Sunday – You Are Not Ugly

Hello there!

Do you have a minute?

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Floral Friday – Nov 27th

It’s been a while!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Quiet All The Way

I like to stay quiet!

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Post I Liked: Blissful Bubbles

Have you ever played with bubbles?

I’m sure you must’ve as this is something entirely fun and amusing for all ages. I still cherish those moments when I blow out bubbles for Uzair in our home and he chased them around everywhere.

And speaking of bubbles, the very big bubble we all live in is going through something none of us may never imagined.

Much has been said on this for now and you probably read out in papers or watch news on TV almost everyday as the very big bubble of ours is under lock down.

But this doesn’t mean one can’t have some fun with bubbles. Right? 🙂

Join Kate as she is inviting us all to have some fun with bubbles, to blow out worries from our minds and hearts, even for a while.


strolling along the seashore
with my magic bubble mix
blowing out thousands of
rainbow coloured bliss

these bubbles fly in all directions
blown by waves and wind
please catch yours
to use it as you wish

they come with all my love
soft as feathers of a dove
they are a tonic cure
for all you must endure

you can climb inside
to let calm abide
or fill it with your woes
don’t worry where it blows

or your best friend may emerge
all fear and anxiety they will purge
or become your muse
to create and amuse

these rainbow bubbles of bliss
can be anything you wish
but please share how you
use it for our amusement?

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