Every Last Drop

Amazing how much we

Can actually fill ourselves

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – I Look For

I hope for the good

And watch out for bad

A simple motto of mine

I adopted so long ago

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Burst Out

The way light bursts out

Is a good reminder about

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Floral Friday – May 4th

Hope is always there!

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Light Up The Day

Make way for the light

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Fun Foto Challenge – Sky

The limitless sky is so vast and full of unknown. We may only see just sun during the day, along with moon and few stars at night but sky is so much more than these few objects.

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Many Times, They


…. are full of mysteries, with never ending questions and wonders.

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A Beacon For The Poor

We all spend our lifetimes in making our lives. To some extent, we change lives of others too along the way but mostly, we focus on our own.

But there are many individuals out there who not only give their whole lives to others, just for the betterment of society and to bring hope and light in the lives of those, who are behind the rest.

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Never Stop Looking Up

We all look up, don’t we?

In search of hopes and dreams. We also seek answers to questions so many.


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From One To The Next

From one generation to other
Many set of things are transfered

Traditions, values, rules
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