Tuesday Photo Challenge – A Might’s Fall

As you are about

To take your usual fall

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Floral Friday – Sep 6th

Salute to those

Who stand tall

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Along The Way

I don’t know

What lies ahead

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FOTD Wednesday – Feb 13th

Let the world know!

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Floral Friday – Jan 19th

Life’s old chapters

Pops right in front

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Floral Friday – Oct 6th

Small things!

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Your Personal Locomotive



A mighty locomotive

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Early To Hide


Not so far away

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Waiting For The Future

All of us travel everyday. From one point to another, either on land, air or water. There are infinite reasons behind our traveling but one thing is certain: Our travels take us closer to the future.

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A Fridge Note

The fridge in my office canteen malfunctioned few days ago. A note was placed on its door:

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