Wordless Wednesday – A Dusk Drive

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Once Upon A Cold Morning

Once I walked

Alongside waves

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Silent Sunday – A Roadside Silence

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Weekend Sky #15 – Jan 16th

Let the shine begin!

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Weekend Sky #10 – Dec 12th

There’s something in the air!

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A Clumsy Morning Shade

How clumsy of me!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Under The Lights

Walking beneath it was a wow!

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Re-blog: Let’s Meet at the Horizon

There’s more to day and night than we know.

They shape up our daily lives and the world we live in like nothing else. They take their turn in timely manner to give us the gift of life.

And this weighs much more than we can think of.

Many thanks to Aysa for sharing this lovely take by an old man about how a day turns into night, only to return back.



A tremendous excitement begins as the day ends.

The excitement of two powerful forces attracted to each other.

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The amazing feeling of touching sky’s edge is quite extraordinary.

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Wordless Wednesday – Rise Above All


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