One Word Sunday – Hot Or Cold

What would you like?

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CBWC Friday – Chili(ing) Over

But only if you can handle it!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Interested In Cold Or Hot?

Both have their own benefits!

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CBWC Friday – A Evening Cup

Sometimes, I prefer small!

The very thought of holding a cup or mug of our favorite hot beverage on a cold winter day provides the much need warmth.

So, why not do it for real 🙂

Okay, my hand is not in the frame here but I did enjoyed this small cup of tea on a winter’s evening.

Just like every evening of winter 🙂

For Cee Neuner’s CBWC: Cups or Glasses containers of any type


Hello Monsoon

Finally, some dark clouds above!

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One Word Sunday – Reign Of Rain

Heat is going on now!

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Saturday’s Flower – 22nd Sep

A very warm Saturday it is.

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A Very Different Summer

Sun is furious here. Very, very furious.

Summer breeze isn’t around anymore.

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A Hot Cup Of Kashmiri Tea

What a day it has been for the world, isn’t it?

Don’t worry! I’m not dragging you back in the mud because it is all over now and the world already knows who is the winner. In case you have no idea what am I talking about, then switch over to the news channel and try to soak as much as you can.

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3 Days of Heat

My last post was a guest one titled Guest Post: Mad Dogs and Englishmen. I posted it up on Friday June 19th and came up with ideas for some weekend posts.  Continue reading