Post I Liked: I See Humans But No Humanity

One world of ours, filled up with countless conflicts.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Glass

Humans and glass are same, aren’t they?

Both of them appear so clean sometime, not scratches or marks. Both of them breaks apart so easily and are so difficult to piece up together.

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Wouldn’t That Be Beautiful

So much happening in our world today. Good and bad. Big and small. Though we may not feel the effects of what’s happening in some other part of the world, we can’t deny the one universal fact: we living on this planet are all humans.

image courtesy of Erika Kind

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Live Outside The Box

Think outside the box is so old now, don’t you agree?

First of all, why is it always a box? Why can’t it be a basket or a tote or even a damn shopping cart with wheels on it, so that you can drive it around? Why does it always have to be THE BOX?


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How To Boldly Go To The Final Frontier?

Sometimes I envy ants. They are so organized and perform acts of unbelievable feat, despite their tiny size. They get their required job done, no matter what. I’m sure words like difficult, problematic, impossible, failure or many more such words aren’t part of their dictionary, if they have one.

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