FOTD Monday – Oct 19th

Giant but gentle!

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Mid-Week Monochrome – Palm And People

Standing high above so many!

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South Africa – A Mavic Tale

We human may have dominated the very planet we live upon but there is no denial about being the only life form around.

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Arrival In Pakistan

Finally, aliens have landed in Pakistan too!

Beside landing mainly in USA or European countries most of the time, aliens realize that this planet is so full of humans, so why not checking out other places too.

Seems like a very nice idea to me, I say!

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On The Road – Modern Jungle

Honestly speaking, we still live in jungle. No matter how much we modernize our lives and thoughts, the core concept remains the same, always. After all, we are animals, though we call ourselves more social than the others. Continue reading

Our Voyage

We started up our journey
Not in this world as we think

But in a place beyond
Our wildest imagination

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