One Word Sunday – Tasty

This was the very first one!

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Roll-up With The Rolled Ice Cream

Before today, I had no idea about what in the world a rolled ice cream is, which is also known as stir-fried ice cream. But many thanks to Catherine, who had just shared her amazing experience of enjoying a rolled ice cream at 8 Fahrenheit, Atlanta’s first rolled ice cream store, on Buford Highway.

image courtesy of Catherine

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No Churn Oreo Ice Cream

Oreo and Ice cream, two things lovable by kids. Put them together in a bowl and it turns into a lovely combination. My mom made her own version of this recipe few days ago, in which chocolate cookies were used instead of Oreo.

And everybody loved it!

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Easy Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

A simple homemade banana/strawberry ice cream can sure cool anyone down during the summer.

And I can guarantee moms will love trying out this for their kids because of very few ingredients and great taste.

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Ice Creaming In Karachi

For us, the citizens of Karachi, ice cream is the perfect remedy to save us from skin torching heat of summer.

Starting right from early March and going all the way till middle of December (yes, you read that right!), this freezing delight is found in nearly every corner of Karachi.

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Homemade Slushies With Ice Cream

Summer means more time outside, less time inside. And more time being on the outside means enduring heat also, unless you cool off yourself in the pool.

But there is another way!

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Ice Cream Sandwich Bites

A cool, delicious delight from Helen Fern in bite size.

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Fun Foto Challenge – Outdoor Seating



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Mix Plate #11

And here it is folks!

Another Friday!!

48 hours in our hands to relax our minds, enjoy time with family and doing our best to fix all the things that needed to be fix. [by this I only means kitchen sinks, table lamps, garage doors, lawn chairs, etc. If anything else is in need of fixing, please don’t wait. Go ahead and fix it. Put a smile on everyone’s face 🙂 ]

mix plate

Enjoy today’s specials!

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Waiting for Customers

An open air ice cream parlor waiting for customers in Karachi.


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