Post I Like: The Funeral Rituals of Tana Toraja

The world we live in is very strange. I may seem strange to you, if we ever meet in person, and you may think the same about me. But it’s not just about 2 person. In many parts of the world, the local customs of entire towns or cities will drop your jaw on the floor.

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Spending A Day In Uluwatu

Uluwatu is one of the holiest places in Bali, Indonesia. An exotic island filled with wonders of nature.

Elle is taking us with her to the island, on a sunny day. What more you could ask for. Continue reading

Ready To Dive

Today is March 1st and Karachi is already under a 35°C heat wave attack. It all started up last Friday and it warmed the city so very much.

During the weekend, beach spots of Clifton, Sandspit, Hawke’s Bay, Paradise Point, French Beach and Cape Monze got all over crowded. It was the weekend and people weren’t ready for this extensive amount of heat in February. So they did what they had to do. Continue reading