The Magical Figure Of 1000

And once again, I got the chance to say Thank You!

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

For those who stumble over

Speaking out their hearts

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Behind The Wheel, Finally!

I’m about to make a confession. Right here!

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Mix Plate #12

Back after a week with another round!

I thought about doing this earlier than today but got very stuck in other work, so this went down the line. But not anymore!

mix plate

It’s Friday and we are entering another weekend. So enjoy today’s specials before you shout out “Ya, The Weekend!”

How to pack for a long trip
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Guest Post: Step Inside The Mind Of An Introvert

Let me be honest with you here, I’m a person with very low level of social skills. I love to stay quite and listen more. I think before I speak and if sometimes I don’t, I immediately fall flat on the floor, face first.

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