Re-posting: He and She – Diary of 1995

Summer means a lot!

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Handful Moments

Picking out few moments

When one can bask in

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B&W Photo Challenge – First Far Ahead

So far away but yet so close!

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Movements In Mart – A Short Film

Life surely zips very fast down the lane!

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Shiny Green

A little reminder about summer!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Our Memory Lane

Walking down the

Memory lane

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Fun Foto Challenge – Playful Colors

Who can say no to them?

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Joyful Fields

Who would say no for this?

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Into Year Four

As today, June 23rd 2017, marks Uzair’s 4th birthday, I’m thinking about all the things I have gone through in last four years.

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Prisma Tuesday – April 4th

Our homes are overloaded with memories.

Big or small. Joyful or sad. Distant or close.

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