A Festival Of Fire And Ice

Arrival of winter season bring heavy snowfalls in Northern areas of Pakistan. With mercury dropping way down below, traveling to those areas becomes a bone chilling challenge for an outsider.

But for the locals, winter is the time when they celebrate and look forward towards the arrival of a new year through festive rituals.

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From Shandoor To Kalash

Sometimes we want to run away. Far from everyday troubles, issues, meaningless things or what not. My inner self do want the same. To be free, to see the unknown, to breath in far away lands, which I haven’t seen. Where I can hear my inner joy so loud and I turn into something that I’m not currently.

But reality of life can’t be ignored up easily. I have a job, a loving family to take care of and so many things. But sometimes, just sometimes, I do wish to be free.

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