Wordless Wednesday – Climbed


CMMC – Playing With Bricked Colors

Because they are just so fun!

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All Lined Up – The First Interaction

Probably this encounter laid the very first brick!

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One Word Sunday – Busy

Dedication is the key.

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A Tale Of Two Wishes

One was in pending state for a long time while the other one was fulfilled immediately.

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Fun Foto Challenge – Inner And Outer

This week, Cee Neuner’s Fun Foto Challenge is about Inner and Outer, things that are either inside or outside. Lets roll!


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The Class Is Over

A kid returns to his home after spending a day in school.


That One Slap

The decision lighted in his head as soon as the slap of store manager’s right hand hit him hard on his left cheek. That was definitely the greatest of all slaps he had received. His mother slapped him many times for not studying hard enough but those slaps were half filled with love.


That slap was totally something he hadn’t prepared himself for. He thought that his smooth plan of sneaking out the store this time with a box of chocolates in his bag would not alarm up anyone. After all, he stole couple of bars earlier from the same store and luckily, the manager and cashier didn’t noticed him stealing their stuff, right under their nose. Continue reading

The Incredible CUTE!

Posting after quite sometime I’m today. Heavy weekend it was as my kid, Uzair, kept me busy as always. That’s what he do and that’s what I love him about, apart from so many other countless things. Continue reading

Time to Cool Down!!

After letting the lava out of myself through my last post, I’m now cooled up. To be honest, I don’t get angry very often and try my utmost best to stay as cool and calm. I really don’t want to hurt others through my actions.

Lava Meets Ocean

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