FOTD Monday – Mar 23rd

Blooming together

On a lovely morning

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – A Look Back

Towards what happened and what remains now of it!

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Floral Friday – Oct 4th

Sorry no blue here!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Going Blur

Clear they may not be!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mega-Multi-Floors

A floor up or a floor down.

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Re-blog: Ten Life Lessons from My Bike

Cycling around the neighborhood on my bicycle is definitely one of the top 5 things I miss the most from my childhood.

Few things in life give you a certain feeling which you can’t explain properly or even label up properly. For me, cycling is one such thing because it reminds me what a wonderful era my childhood was.

I would love to sit back on the seat and hit those paddles once again.

Check out this post by Miriam about how she reconnected with her passion of cycling and I have to say, she is riding along very well 🙂

Out an' About

There’s something about the rush of wind in your hair when you’re cycling that’s totally invigorating. That is, until you find yourself flat on the ground.

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B&W Photo Challenge – Such Are Blocks

One atop of another, they do build up something!

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One Word Sunday – Lines

Life can’t be as linear as we want it to be.

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Floral Friday – Dec 15th

Done something wrong in past?

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Have You Ever Washed Dishes?

Ashfaq Ahmed, one of Pakistan’s most famous writer and an intellectual, has mentioned several times in his books about receiving uncountable valuable lessons about life from an elderly wise man.

Ashfaq Ahmed (image courtesy of

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