Weigh And Leash

The point of views

Can vary dramatically

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

For those who stumble over

Speaking out their hearts

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One Word Sunday – Music To My Ears

This is certainly another kind!

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To Let It All Out

What I hold within

May fill the world

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Listen To Them

A superb share from Buddha9. Please do watch the video. I’m sure you are aware of this but many aren’t, so they should know about this too.

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Guest Post: Travel Pack List

Attention all travelers!!

PERNNILLE OBERG shares a great travel pack list which I think is a must for every traveler.

Check it out here and save yourself from countless worries before your next journey.

Happy Traveling!!

Who Am I – Part 2

question mark

Okay, this is the final part, I swear. No more about myself after this post. I didn’t posted yesterday at all because I was busy at work and after reaching, my son didn’t let me open up my laptop. This gap provided me enough time to think about what I will post on my blog.

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Hi, I’m a Listener


image courtesy of visionaryfam.com

How will you feel if I tell you that what you are about to read on this blog are the thoughts of a man who can’t talk much but listens very well?

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