A Shout Out For Photography Lovers

Attention WordPress photographic challenge lovers!

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Pakistani Style Mixed Fried Vegetables

If there is a veggie lover somewhere inside of you, then it is about time to wake him or her up again!

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Friday Quote – Oct 28th

Happy Friday to everyone!

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Healthy Chocolate Smoothie – A Virtual Vegan

A personal fun fact about me: I love chocolate but I don’t eat it that much. Strange, isn’t it?

But whenever I get my hands on chocolate, they can’t ran away. This next recipe from Melanie McDonald is in my sight now!

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Fleet Of My Boy

Q: Why do men love cars so much?

Q: Is it the looks, the sound, speed or what?

Q: Or is it the sheer fulfillment of not only owning but also being able to control a sophisticated machine? Continue reading