FOTD Thursday – Nov 24th

Few small ones for today!

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FOTD Tuesday – Aug 23rd

A bit tiny for today!

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FOTD Wednesday – July 27th

Near or far

Still close to heart

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FOTD Sunday – June 12th

Starting today

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FOTD Thursday – Sep 9th

A little tweak for today!

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A Bigger Picture II

Here’s another attempt!

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Wordless Wednesday – Magenta

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Post I Like: Fun Pinks and Magentas

Are you stuck in blues of Winter?

Check some really nice pink and magenta flowers by Megan. It’s time to recall the summer!

The last installment on the Fun Foto Series: Colors of Flowers

I have the winter blues.

I have enjoyed this series very much because not only do I get to see color, but it brings a little spring and summer into my day while staring into an abyss of snow and ice. Here are a few more photos of flowers from the summer of 2015, showing off their wonderful pinkness!

Pink or Magenta


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