Lens-Artists Challenge – Stare Into Magic

Can I borrow few moments of your today?

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Down Came The Rain

There is a certain magic in rain.

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Magical Blue Wall

I believe magic is not just about tricking the mind of your audience (apologies to the real-life magicians here). For me, magic is more about making someone believe the unbelievable.

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Through Your Eyes!

Life of full of little joys. Keep on adding them up and have yourself a big bundle.

Like this one from Nicole Martin.

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Walt Disney World Vol. 3: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

So, after an amazing trip to the Magical Kingdom and Epcot, where should we head out next with Andrew Rainaldi?

To the Disney’s Hollywood Studios of course!

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Walt Disney World Vol. 1: Magic Kingdom

How did a mouse changed the world?

A man with nothing but dreams created a world, unlike any other place any one has ever seen or even dreamed about. A place where imagination and wonder bloom like flowers.

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Mix Plate #17

Mind if I present some specials to you on Sunday?

No? That is so great then!

mix plate

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Excerpts from E Gilbert’s- Big Magic

From our 20’s right up to the time when we our 70’s, this is what we are!!

The Magical Figure of 500

A direct jump from 200 to 500!! Is this a mistake or what?

No idea I have about it, but as per WordPress’s message, I have now gained over 500+ likes on my blog.

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The Magical Figure of 200

And so I add up another 100 likes for my blog!!

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