Weekend Sky #93 – March 25th

Shield’s up!

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Squaring Trees – The First One

First is the theme for today!

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March Photos of the Month 2016

Jesse Martineau has shared his March 2016 photos, which according to him:

One of the best months to date, the March photos of 2016 have been some of my best work, not to mention most popular. The threshold is being crossed I feel, so many people have reached out to like, comment, and direct message me. Continue reading


Flower For March 12, 2016

Enjoy today’s lovely flowers from Cee Neuner.

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From Karachi To Antwerp

How about I take you back in time today?

Exciting, isn’t it?

We will see an era long gone, when our world wasn’t like what it is today.

So, are you ready?

Good, let’s go then!!

Oh! Before we leave, just make sure to relax up yourself. Right!!


Then away we go!!!!


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Guest Post: Yemen Landscapes

Go back in time, March 1998 to be exact and see the amazing landscapes of Yemen as captured by Chris Breebaart.

I wonder what they look like now!!

image courtest of Chris Breebaart

Yemen Landscapes