Tuesday Photo Challenge – A Night’s Tale

A night hard to forget!

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One Word Sunday – Look At The Blue

The blue up above is my weakness!

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Photo For The Week 13 – Cool Are Columns

For being supportively elegant!

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Thatta – A Star From The Past

What once was a city for kings and emperors, is now just a small dot on today’s world.

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Wondrous Marvels Of Faith In Pakistan

What better way to leave your mark on land than to build something on it!

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Karachi Landmarks – Beech Wali Masjid

A white Masjid located in the heart of Karachi, where streets are very much narrow but life expands out incredibly. An area where a single community flourishes and hence provides sense of security, unlike another other place in Karachi.

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Monday Window: Jumeirah Mosque

Apologies for sharing a Monday Window post on Tuesday but this is so gorgeous. I can spent hours in that place.

A wonderful trip to Jumeriah Mosque in Dubai, U.A.E.

Many thanks to Vicky for taking us along.

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The Two Minarets

The first, just after the sunset but not before the darkness


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Shahi Qila Of Lahore

As I mentioned in earlier post of this series (click here to check first part), Zia, a good friend of mine, went on a trip to Lahore and Islamabad in last week of December 2015. Initially, he shared about 21 pictures with me.

But later, he gave me some more stunning pictures with same condition: mark them copyright under his name. That wasn’t so difficult to agree upon, so I spent some time and pasted his name on all the pictures he gave me.

Zia's Trip (50)

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