Saturday Sky – Sep 26th

This year’s monsoon season was a massive one!

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Saturday Panorama – Aug 22nd

This monsoon season is epic!

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Friday Panorama From My Roof

My very 1st one!

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Clouds Of Yesteryear

They filled the sky above me

In the most amazing way

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Hello Monsoon

Finally, some dark clouds above!

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One Word Sunday – Reign Of Rain

Heat is going on now!

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A Rainy Monday

Showers finally!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Clouds

Whenever they fly high above, I wonder if I could just be with them.

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I Look For Life III

That first love!

And all those memories
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Seaview – Take A look In The Kaleidoscope

This summer, citizens of Karachi welcomed monsoon showers with wide open arms. You would have done the same if you had been living in Karachi for past three years without monsoon rain. Dark and heavy clouds showed up every time but they didn’t unloaded themselves up.

image courtesy of The Karachi Walla

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