Fun Foto Challenge – Off To Lettering

Write it down!

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A Fish, A Penguin And An Apple

Can we draw a relationship between a fish, a penguin and an apple?

I think we can!
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A Very Big Day

Well folks, today was the day!

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Monday’s Oddball

Here is my entry for CEE’S ODD BALL PHOTO CHALLENGE: 2016 WEEK 13


Dress shirts drying up!

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Early Sunday Play

Instead of waking up after 8:30 AM, like everyday, Uzair woke up today 45 minutes earlier.

So what to do? Play of course!!

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The Second Brick

For those who have constructed their own homes, holding that very first brick, or foundation stone if you want to call it, in your hands when you home was about to be constructed must have given you a sense of great accomplishment.

The moment you place that brick on ground, is the moment your life will never be the same.


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