Never Ending Waves

The next one is always behind!

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From Old To New

A cleansing within surely do wonders for us.

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – The New

What’s so new everyday?

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Dusty Words

Words ain’t old or new

They stay afresh

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B&W Photo Challenge – Abandoned

Abandoned but not forgotten.

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Re-blog: Sands Of Night

I tried to do something new but something old just kept calling me.

Sand is the topic for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge by Frank Jansen. Yesterday, I went to my local park and captured few snaps of playing area with a bit of grass and more.

But before I could post them up as my entry for the challenge, I recalled an older post of mine about sand in which I shared two pictures of that same playing area along with few thoughts they brought in my mind.

So, instead of showing something new for this week, let me show you something old.


Blog of Hammad Rais

I walked on sand once during a night


These footprints aren’t mine

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Floral Friday – 30th Dec

Open up to new possibilities, visions and more in the coming year. Let go of that old self.

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Something New

I haven’t heard
Sounds of lands afar

Whispering of air
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B&W Photo Challenge – Take A New Photo

A late entry on CEE’S BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE: TAKE A NEW PHOTO by me as I checked my email about this very late.

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