B&W Photo Challenge – Nightly Reflections

What do you really see?

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Hard To Ignore

I look upon things

Others usually ignore

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To That First Moment

When the world opens upon

In ways you’ve never imagined

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Joyful Fields

Who would say no for this?

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All That Seems

Far away or close

image source: unknown

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Fun Foto Challenge – Orange’s Night

A look at orange of night!

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Light The Night

What night holds for us?

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Trip The Night Fantastic!

It’s not just about going back home for some rest.

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Just Try To

Just try to look deeply
Just face another cheat

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Re-blog: Let’s Meet at the Horizon

There’s more to day and night than we know.

They shape up our daily lives and the world we live in like nothing else. They take their turn in timely manner to give us the gift of life.

And this weighs much more than we can think of.

Many thanks to Aysa for sharing this lovely take by an old man about how a day turns into night, only to return back.



A tremendous excitement begins as the day ends.

The excitement of two powerful forces attracted to each other.

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