Tuesday Photo Challenge – Fuzzy Nights

It happened one night, long time ago!

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Night And Light

At night, light shines bright

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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Calm

We all look for calm and peace in our lives. Sometimes we strive so hard to gain few moments of freedom from daily routine. I also look forward to such moments and these pictures of mine provide me a gateway.

A gateway to calm up myself! This is my entry for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Calm

blue stairs

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Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Indoor Seating

Here are my entries for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Indoor Seating


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One Colorful Love

For this week Daily Post’s photo challenges One Love, I’m sharing my some colorful snaps from my collection. How they relate to One Love? Well, if you picture a giant with all those uncountable leaves and branches, you will know that One Love is just like that.


Few playing blocks from my nephew’s collection

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Time To Work

Alright men, listen up!!

I’m gonna this say once, so you better listen with open ears.

Charlie, take off those headphones or I will cut your ear off!


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Under The World

Here is my entry for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 15 – Under, which is actually my very first entry too.

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Eyes Softly Shut – Night Version

My very first post that received a double figures of likes was Eyes Softly Shut.

I wrote it up after watching a panaflex board of a beauty salon featuring a girl with her eyes closed. Her closed eyes reminded me of an old Pakistani song about speaking eyes.

Then one day, I translated the lyrics of that song in English and took a photo of the board also. And so Eyes Softly Shut was created and published. I received many likes and views on it, which was great. Then I took another photo of that same board during night but didn’t shared it. Continue reading

Frames Of Time

In response to The Daily Post’s Time


As I paused up to take these pictures on the road, I didn’t realized that I captured a single moment of time in a frame. A frame in which time seemed to be holding still while world was traveling. Continue reading

Black And White Goodies

In response to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Food and Beverage

Here are my entries for this challenge.


I took this one at a wedding ceremony before dinner was served.

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