Re-posting – Empty Chairs

Empty chairs across the table
They weren’t such, not so long ago

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Silent Sunday – A Morning From The Past

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Nostalgic Grounds

Once alive it was!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Ancient Matinee

The glitzing blockbusters of the past!

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Over 100 Years Old

No denying about old being gold but sadly, not everyone believes in it!

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Wordless Wednesday – Feelin’ Hippie


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Dreams Of Bounce

Last night’s dream about a reality from the past.

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Floral Friday – Jan 19th

Life’s old chapters

Pops right in front

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Not Anymore

So much that was
From days long gone

Is just not anymore

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Post I Liked: Of The Man Who Hasn’t Died Yet

Is it good to cling on to the memories and objects from the past?

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