Same Old

Have to say something

But not sure how

Same old story with me

One Word Sunday – An Old Wave

Yup, not a new one!

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Not Much Is Left For Us

Our time is over!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Odds Will Never End

Because there’s no sparkle in life without them!

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Whatsoever Is Lovely – A Few Old Reds

Once they were around!

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Squaring Odds – Rustling On Rust

Look what the wind blew in!

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Squaring Odds – The Long Gone Flicks

Okay, here’s the first odd from my side!

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Wordless Wednesday – Once Upon A Wall

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A Shiny Moment On The Sand

Still away from the beach I’m!

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One Word Sunday – Old Doing New

Certainly everyday

Our pair of old hands

Do so much new for us

But once the job is done

That same entirely new

Morphs into an old

And so, our hands

Takes another step

To be more old

For Debbie Smyth’s One Word Sunday – Old