In A Test Room – A Translation

I read this today and loved it!

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Away From You

Dialed those numbers

Punched the same letters

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Wordless Wednesday – Early Colors


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Fun Foto Challenge – Playful Colors

Who can say no to them?

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Fun Foto Challenge – Paper Power

So delicate and fragile but capable of holding a universe on itself!

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One Word Sunday – Shapes

The very first shapes are always memorable.

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Black & White Photo Challenge – Anything With Numbers On It

How about we play a little game?

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Prisma Tuesday – July 4th

Drawing up lines on paper is easy, isn’t it?

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Wordless Wednesday – The First Attempt

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Numbers On Paper

Take a sheet of paper and write down every year of your life, starting up from your birth year till now. After writing up all, take a look on those numbers.

This piece of paper in your hand is your life, isn’t it?

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