Daily Prompt #1852 – My Best Gift

Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.

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Whatsoever Is Lovely – Once Upon A Classroom

Where the fun never ends!

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All Lined Up – The First Interaction

Probably this encounter laid the very first brick!

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Mother And Child, A Bond By Nature

What can I say about mother?

Honestly speaking, no matter how much I write here or say it verbally will ever be equivalent to what mine or even your mother has done for us.

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The First Pages

It’s almost mid of December 2016 and a new year will open up its gates soon. Life is going so fast, isn’t it?

It feels like you did something just few moments ago but in reality, it wasn’t just few moments. I feel the same whenever I look at the old photos of Uzair (my son). He is three and half years old now but those pictures in which he is just a little baby, reminds me how quick time is flying. Continue reading


Very First Summer Vacations

Do you remember your very first summer vacations?

Sadly, I don’t!

But Uzair is about to have its very first 2 full months of summer vacations. And somewhere in the deepest corner of my heart, I feel like I’m about to enjoy my very first summer vacations. Continue reading

Me And My Mom

No matter how old we get, all of us transforms into a litter toddlers as soon as we sit next to our mothers.


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Mix Plate #23

Hello folks!

It’s Friday and time to prep up for some relaxation. So take a seat and enjoy today’s specials.

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Smart Parenting: There is no APP for it

How much “smart” the world has become? The answer lies in your perception of “smartness”. If you consider yourself a smart person, then you must have that extra spark in you which you can ignite whenever you need it. But on the other hand, the very split second you have finished reading my question, picture of your “smart gadget” flashed in your mind, then this post is for you, my friend.

Smart Gadgets

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