It’s Party Time – My 8th Blogiversary

Today’s the day!

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Last On The Card – The Birthday

Ended 2022 on a big sweet note!

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November Squaring – Silverware

A unique shine for some hungry tummies!

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Whatsoever Is Lovely – Fun In Snacks

Some fun goodies!

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A Food Local

For me, local is all about having a great family time. And a great family time can’t be complete without some tasty meal on the table.

If you are inviting a large number of people in your home for dinner, you need something big!


This is my kitchen and that giant pot can cook up to 10kg of Daleem

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Mini Pizza Time

If you like pizza and want to make one at home, then these mini pizza recipe from Madiha is just perfect. The recipe is simple and features the wholesome of pizza in mini form. Continue reading

Fun Foto Challenge – Events

My niece, Dafiya, celebrated her first birthday this past April. Here are few shots I took of the event.


The main banner!

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