Post I Like – PoeticTuesday – 58

Ever thought about flowing like a river?

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Re-posting – A Star’s Story

Few stars twinkle at night
So distant they are from me

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A Slow Flow

Oh my heart

Let’s just flow

Not so rapidly

But a little bit slow

Don’t take me as naive

There’s a spark within

The world may be anew

Ready to take it all in

Eyes are all set

On the path right ahead

Wishing for the sky

To stay just as blue

Will take it slow

As I’m ready to flow


A Photo A Week Challenge – This Way For….

If only one can find this at every corner of their journey!

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Life Still Goes On

A rough journey’s detour

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Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday

Life takes us through all kinds of paths. Bumpy or smooth. Known or unknown.

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Floral Friday – Sep 24th

We all look back!

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Wordless Wednesday – Along The Path

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FOTD Thursday – July 15th

Heading back

May not be easy

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A Wish For Smooth Paths

It’s a long way ahead

Towards the destination

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