Lens-Artists Challenge – Traveled Paths

How will I know

About what lies ahead

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Wordless Wednesday – Feel The Peace


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One Word Sunday – Lines

Life can’t be as linear as we want it to be.

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Prisma Tuesday – June 6th

Lowering your head and looking down is good. Very good I say.

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Inside vs Outside


Would it be wise
To leave the zone

One that is your home
Where you feel safe

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Just Give A Look

You can learn a lot
Just by observing others

What lies within them
Is judged by words they speak

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Choose Your Path

Smoothness vs rough, difficult vs easy. We all look for comfort in our lives and there is no harm in asking for it.

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What Awaits Ahead?

The path of life

Is full with wonders
Known and mystical

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Friday Quote – Dec 2nd

Wishing everyone a happy Friday, along with a blissful weekend.


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Prisma Tuesday – Nov 15th

Have you ever walk on a path unknown to others?

Once you start walking, others will follow and soon that path won’t be unknown anymore.

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