Re-posting – To Wait Or Not To Wait

For the right moment

Some will wait gladly

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Burning Time, Fuel, Patience And More

It is bound to happen!

Heading back home and getting locked up in a traffic jam is a big non-pleaser.

Such much burns over when this happens.


And like all other drivers out there, I also hate this very much.

For Debbie Symth’s Six Word Saturday


Monday Macro FOTD – April 5th

Wrapped beneath the wonders

There are mysteries to uncover

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Weekend Sky #11 – Dec 19th

Pushing myself a little!

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Photo For The Week Challenge – Curtains

A glimpse of the show!

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Floral Friday – Aug 9th

Wait for it!

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Floral Friday – June 7th

Time will come!

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FOTD Thursday – Feb 28th

Wait for it!

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Do You Want To Grow?

The true meaning of growth can only be explain by trees.

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Wait And See

image courtesy of

What usually begin

As a little seed

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