Floral Friday – Aug 9th

Wait for it!

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Floral Friday – June 7th

Time will come!

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FOTD Thursday – Feb 28th

Wait for it!

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Do You Want To Grow?

The true meaning of growth can only be explain by trees.

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Wait And See

image courtesy of SeedlingsGiftsandBooks.com

What usually begin

As a little seed

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To Wait Or Not To Wait

For the right moment

Some will wait gladly

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After An Eternity

Moonlit night didn’t dared to speak
As flames kept on growing strong

The wait was getting longer
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Friday Quote – April 29

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Post I Like: Daily Quote

Something about patience and perseverance


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Mix Plate #11

And here it is folks!

Another Friday!!

48 hours in our hands to relax our minds, enjoy time with family and doing our best to fix all the things that needed to be fix. [by this I only means kitchen sinks, table lamps, garage doors, lawn chairs, etc. If¬†anything else is in need of fixing, please don’t wait. Go ahead and fix it. Put a smile on everyone’s face ūüôā ]

mix plate

Enjoy today’s specials!

Your ultimate guide towards the awesomeness of the average-ness
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