Squaring Trees – Happy Feet Above Pines

Not an everyday ride this is!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mist-ical Above

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Jill On The Hill

Could it be really her?

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A Photo A Week Challenge – High Again

Going high again!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Up And Down

Up and down between the green!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hills

Strolling above the hills, just next to giant trees!

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Weekly Weather – Fog

Things will clear up. All you have to do is to step ahead!

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Atop The Greens

What kind of feelings rush into your bloodstream if you are sitting on a chair lift high above the giant trees of a hill station?


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Fun Foto Challenge – Looking Down At Things

This week’s Fun Foto Challenge by Cee Neuner is about looking down at things. So, let’s look down below!


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A Photo A Week Challenge – Dark Green

Thanks to a chair lift ride in Patriata, my cousins not only enjoyed a ride high above tall mountains, but they also captured some really cool snaps of the view ahead and down below. Continue reading