Post I Like: With Love From Me to You

Today is the day when you express your true feelings to the one you love. And there is no harm in doing so, right?

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Post I Like: 9 Ways To Inspire Others

Yes, there are many ways to inspire others. Some good and some bad. Here we are talking about the good ways only because using bad ways is so wrong.

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Guest Post: A True Story of Falling in Love with Words

This was the very first post I read from start to finish after about 2 and a half months gap and it really struck many chords inside me.

A True Story of Falling in Love with Words

Such a brilliant piece by Liberal Soul

Hi, I’m a Listener


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How will you feel if I tell you that what you are about to read on this blog are the thoughts of a man who can’t talk much but listens very well?

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