Post I Like – Tree

Sharing this simply amazing set of thoughts about the importance of tree in our lives.

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Sunday Poser #120 – Me, Myself & Google

My answer: So much more than just a lot!

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Post I Like – The Land of Fire and Ice 🇮🇸

Bearing the hot temperatures for last 3 days and finally receiving much needed rain in the afternoon today, I didn’t knew the a virtual trip to Iceland would make my today a special one.

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That Old Box



I took out that old box today
It was untouched for so long

I dusted it off and looked at it
Puzzled to open it up or not
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Guest Post: A Year In Photos: Inanimates

I like random in my life. Random objects that are scattered all over the place as I look towards them and realize that each one is telling a story.

Can you read such stories?

image courtesy of Adm J. P.

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