Floral Friday – Nov 25th

Not a clear picture!

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LPM’s Photo Adventure – Bokeh

What’s in the back?

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One Word Sunday – Petals Missing

Still a flower this is!

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In Different Light

It is good to see the world

From near and afar

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Different Hand

It’s time for him to shine!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Full Of Color

A treat for our eyes!

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Post I Like: Surrounds

One amazing picture surrounded by equally amazing set of thoughts.

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Prisma Tuesday – May 16th

It may take few seconds for a picture to become clear.

Or may be an eternity!

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The Legacy Of A Long Gone Empire

There are two ways to tell a story. The first is about writing several paragraphs or pages about an event or a series of them. You build up your characters, move them along nicely while keeping the pace of your story intact. And then ending it all up when the message you wanted to convey through your story is accomplished.

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Re-blog – Release Date: Katie Shaeffer

In case if you are looking for a new picture book for your kids, or may be grand kids, then circle April 24, 2017 on your calendars.

Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker, a new picture book by Cynthia Mackey will be released on April 24th. You can check out her blog by checking the post below for more details about the giveaways and don’t forget to follow her!