Whatsoever Is Lovely – Two Are Just Better

Especially when it comes to homemade!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Close To Taste

Get close to few scrumptious bites!

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A Pizza Saturday

Beside heart, home is also where the goodies are!

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14 Strange Pizza Toppings

The world loves pizza and no one can deny it. A freshly baked, hot pizza can sure raise the appetite within no time but this is not the only reason people love pizza.

image courtesy of Pixabay

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Mini Pizza Time

If you like pizza and want to make one at home, then these mini pizza recipe from Madiha is just perfect. The recipe is simple and features the wholesome of pizza in mini form. Continue reading

How To Make The Perfect Grilled Pizza

For those who love to try out home-made pizza, setting up the oven on perfect temperature can be a real test of nerves.

But thanks to Maryann, you can make your perfect pizza on grill.

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Italian Sausage Artichoke Cheese Pizza

Okay, this one does look tasty but also bit heavy. So I would recommend to try it out only if you really really want to.

Why am I sharing this then?

Because it does looks so tempting!!

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Brownie Fruit Pizza

Okay, this one is unique. In fact, out-of-this world is more appropriate for this!

Word pizza creates a picture of meat, cheese, all kinds of sauces, vegetables, and what not. One of the most consumable meal on the planet, pizza is loved by all and who can say no to it.

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