Fun Foto Challenge – Playful Colors

Who can say no to them?

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A New Hat On My Head

Just one more hat!

VI'IV Films original logo

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Fun Foto Challenge – Winter-Water

I didn’t participated in last 4 episodes of Cee Neuner’s Fun Foto Challenge series about seasons and elements because I was unable to make a combination of 2 in a single frame.

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Hard To Say I’m Sorry

There are some songs that just won’t stop playing in your head. Isn’t it?


Not matter what you do, they just keep on playing like forever.

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I Will Not Let You Go

These days, Uzair is asking me one question more than anything else. And yes, like all other 3-year old kids out there, he just love to ask questions about almost everything his eyes look upon. Continue reading

What Did I Do?

Since 7 AM this morning, a song is stuck in my head!

Yeah, that old out-of-nowhere issue which you may have gone through too (may be you are going through it right now, isn’t it?)


A song, which you may either listened few hours ago or you may haven’t listened it for a long long time (my case), suddenly takes the driving seat in your mind’s jukebox and refuses to stop playing. Continue reading