How To Learn

There’s much to learn

Not for just our own gain

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Glow Within – A Visual Poem

There’s a glow inside of you!

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Calculate Ahead

The second step

Is the result of first

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Re-blog: Survive or Thrive

A world getting crowded up with materialistic wows each passing day but losing the true spirit of human nature and peacefulness.

What it is we are running after? A question we must ask ourselves every now and then because it can give us an insight about our own self.

I read this simple but amazing piece of thoughts at Kate’s blog about surviving or thriving in today’s world, which can be used as a set of good reminders about our own self, about what we do everyday and for what purpose.

Read it out below!



Is life busy but still a breeze

or just surviving with ill ease

Addicted to devices

Chasing desires and vices

Keeping up with trends

Catching up with friends

Botox to lips or face

World flying by at a rapid pace

Duties, commitments galore

Never satisfied, looking for that flaw

Fear and insecurities abound

Need constant entertainment around

Pause and reflect

to see what it is that you neglect

Living is much more than survival

Breath out, give calm a revival

Daily Prompt:  Survive

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B&W Photo Challenge – Houses

A famous poem by Iftikhar Arif starts like this:

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Post I Like: Surrounds

One amazing picture surrounded by equally amazing set of thoughts.

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Few Words About Friendship On Friday

A good friendship can single-handedly fill our life with unspeakable amount of joys and laughter.


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An Unusual Love Letter

When you dearly love someone, you express your feelings in so many ways.

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Poetry Is Honey For The Soul (8) – Hammad Rais

My very good friend, Camille, started up a poetry series on her blog last month. She asked her followers to share their favorite poems with her. Many replied with great collection and Camille published those poems on her blog with introduction by the contributor.

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Lets Just!

image courtesy of Megan

Lets just keep on walking
Let the days fly away

Let moments turn into centuries
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